Key Wallets and Mode of Operation

​A respectable price point for the coin is our goal. However, our vision is a value-based, slow and steady price increment over a period of time. We believe the following factors will help us reach our goals in a sustainable fashion:

1. A healthy liquidity pool

2. The liquidity pool is locked (anti-rug pull measure)

3. Vesting period for all wallets.

4. All major transactions and its purpose (across all the key wallets) will be reported on Twitter

5. Burn 33% of coin. A large burn-wallet will eventually reduce the circulating supply and gradually increase and stabilize the price.

7. Rewards on proof of protection, ecosystem expenses, etc. will only start after stabilizing the coin price, after the vesting period.

Key wallets 1. Airdrop Wallet: All airdrops will take place from these wallets. Once the airdrops projects are complete, the remaining coins will be burned.

Wallet: 0xE39940049170751571dfdB2933e1AC148462CA31

Coin Count: 197,600,000,000 CI

2. Team wallet: Vesting Period: Long-term vesting period. The wallet will not be operated till 2023.

Wallet: 0xe8552aA51d9D4744DaBFaC108A5aeF857dCc6A09

Coin Count: 79,055,362,998.791831185 CI

3. Proof of Protection: Vesting Period: Long-term vesting period. The wallet will not be operated till 2023

Wallet: 0x41251e2003c74a8511d0d8e0f39B4C5BDC716dDb

Coin Count: 98,819,203,748.489788981 CI

4. Marketing Wallet: Wallet has a vesting period of 3 months. The proceedings will be used only for marketing purposes and the development of utility apps.

Wallet: 0xab409a4275245f318AE8F16Ed3F02b5162190283

Count: 29,246,392,433.77419328 CI

5. Ecosystem Wallet: Only the utility applications are funded using the wallet. The wallet is vested till 2023. Wallet: 0x4C95BCB979cDd7671E7827bbfBA51F44c9666e30

Coin Count: 187,720,000,000 CI

6. Burn Wallet: All coins in the wallet will be burnt over a period of time.

Wallet: 0x0b45e2A3592C381152cd6628562ae985cdf7093d

Coin Count: 326,103,372,370.016303639 CI

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