Proof Of Protection

Protect and earn
10% coins will be donated to animal protection
PoW(Proof of work) is an irresponsible design that harms our environment. PoS (Proof of Stake) helps the largest stakeholders and delivers no benefit to the nature or its balance. Our groundbreaking new ideology: Proof of Protection (PoP) changes the mindset of the traditional crypto rewards system.
When implemented, our system will reward those who protect animals. Imagine a world where you get paid for protecting a cow, a dog, or a kitty. Imagine a world where you get rich just by protecting nature, trees, air, earth, or anything an environmentally responsible individual or organization would protect and save.
There will be an elaborate process to validate, certify and approve PoP workflow. We set aside 10% of our coins towards PoP rewards.
Last modified 1yr ago